• I spent a year doing Jazz gigs around Johannesburg with a Jazz Trio that went by the name of Tritone while we were finishing off our final year at the National School Of The Arts


  • I worked on repairing / refurbishing factory machines primarily on the contactors, wiring, pumps, valves.
  • Installed electric fence’s for home and company properties
  • Installed alarm systems for home and company properties
  • Installed and configured seurity camera systems

2010 –

  • Starting working at a listed IT / Telecommunications company where I gained the following responsibilities and skills over time
    • Researched Cacti – A hardware monitoring system
    • Part developed an application to verify and enroll security  guards using scanner, finger print and background checking technology’s
      •  My main roll in this project was to port the solution to a stand alone OS where I used a linux O.S as the main core and ported the technology to run from a Windows environment to linux
    • Developed SMS, USSD, IVR services using in house software and GCC
      • Later went on to becoming the Team Leader of this devision
      • Also moved on to maintaining the Core technology that powers these service types
    • MySQL Admin
      • Developed, maintained and designed databases for various solutions
      • Configured, maintained and repaired MySQL replicated clusters
      • Worked on archiving systems for table archiving and partitioning
    • Developed a system to capture radio station feeds
    • Worked on linux servers to carry out multiple day to day tasks
    • Developed a loyalty, warranty platform to capture and process sell in, sell out and sell through  data for well known Electronics companies that ran through Africa
    • Setup SMS and USSD binds to communicate across more then 20 countries in Africa
    • Worked on core airtime ordering and management systems