I have been playing music since I was 9 years old. I grew up in a home with a mother that played piano and a father that played drums. There were also a few guitars lying around. I used to just mess around on the drum kit and play nonsense on the piano. At the age of 11 I picked up one of the guitars and tried to simulate what I heard from songs on the radio. I eventually found a guitar book in one of the cupboards and started learning the chord structures. I carried on learning any and every song I could. I eventually took my guitar to school to play during breaks. One of my teachers said that I had talent and suggested I go audition for art school.

I got in and that’s where music started for me. This blog section contains a few back stories as I remember them and my on going musical passions.

My Bands


Random jamming

Sunshine and violence

Present Profits

The spillage People